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This privacy statement applies to Beijing Zhiliang Technology Co., Ltd. ( The English name of “智量盾®” is WiseVector StopX® ) website and products that collect data and are linking to these terms.

In this Privacy Policy we inform you about the processing and the privacy of your personal data when using our website and products. As a security expert company, data privacy and data security are very important to us. Therefore, we are committed to respecting and protecting your privacy and to handling your personal data confidentially. We recommend visiting this website regularly as this Privacy Policy can be updated due to possible amendments to the law or changes of our internal processes.

Last updated: 12th of May. 2020

1.What does personal data mean?

“Personal data” means any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person. If we are not able to relate a direct link to you personally, this information is not personal data.

2.How do we collect and process your personal data?

A. General principle

You can visit and read every part of our website contents without providing any personal data.

B. Free trials

If you want to test WiseVector StopX, you can download it directly without inputting any personal information. The Trial is voluntary and you are free to uninstall it at any time.

We will collect your personal data in the circumstances as below through WiseVector StopX®.

a. You upload files voluntarily.

b. If you enabled “Help fight malware by providing threat statics” option in WiseVector StopX®:

1) The malicious program will be uploaded automatically when triggering WiseVector StopX Advanced Detection.

2) The log of Advanced Detection will be uploaded automatically.

When uploading, we will know the file locations and your IP address. The file locations can make us to know what system folder the files belong to, if they belong to a system folder, they are malware probably. The file locations can help us to reproduce the environment to test as well. Your IP address can make us to know the GEO position of the files. If false positives or false negatives are from one position frequently, we will know how to improve WiseVector targetedly.

C. Contact Forms

If you want to contact us by using email or other chatting tools, we will keep your email address or chatting ID. We will promptly delete the information once you request.

3.WiseVector’s principles regarding data protection

Our website and product are principally designed in a way that limits the collection and processing of personal data to a minimum.

4.Do we use cookies?

We don’t utilize cookies on our website.

5.Do we use social plugins?

We don’t utilize social plugins on our website.

6.How do we protect your personal data?

Personal data we collect are stored on specially protected servers. Access is restricted to a limited number of authorized persons who need the access in order to administer our website and product or ensure their proper functionality, especially with regard to technical support.

7.What are your rights with regard to your personal data?

At your request, we will inform you what personal data we have stored about you and for what purpose(s).

In case you want us to delete your personal data or revoke consent granted for certain processing of your personal data, please contact us.

If deletion of your data should not be possible for technical or legal reasons, we will block the respective data instead.

8.How can you contact us?

Should you have any further questions or suggestions regarding the protection of your personal data processed in connection with the use of our website and product, please contact us via




本隐私声明适用于北京智量科技有限公司(“智量盾®“英文名称为WiseVector StopX® )的网站和产品收集数据以及与此条款相关的行为。









如果您想测试WiseVector StopX®,您可以直接下载它,而不需要输入任何个人信息。试用行为是自愿的,您可以随时卸载它。


a. 您自愿选择通过软件上报文件。

b. 如果您在软件中启用了“发送威胁数据以增强用户体验”选项:



上传时,我们会知道文件位置和您的IP地址。 文件位置可以使我们知道文件所属的系统文件夹,如果它们属于系统文件夹,则可能是恶意程序。 文件位置也可以帮助我们重现环境以进行测试。 您的IP地址可以使我们知道文件的GEO位置。 如果漏报或误报经常来自一个位置,我们将知道如何有针对性地改进WiseVector StopX®

C. 通讯信息


3.WiseVector StopX®的数据保护原则














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