WiseVector StopX

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Latest Version 3.07

System Requirements

Microsoft® Windows® XP 32bit, Vista/Win7/Win8/Win8.1/Win10/Win11 32 or 64bit, 100 MB RAM, 80MB of available hard-disk space.

Why WiseVector StopX®

Based on artificial intelligence, it aims at better efficacy, faster protection and less disruption to keep users from threats silently.

Zero-day Malware Detection

Zero-day malware are generally unknown to the public. It is often difficult to defend against them by traditional AV relying on malware signatures. However, AI based WiseVector StopX can predict and block threats know and unknown easily.

Ransomware Detection

Ransomware is an advanced type of malware that is harder for traditional antivirus software to detect. WiseVector StopX has ransomware behavioral detection, ransomware trap, document protection and ransomware rollback to prevent users from ransomware 24×7.

Fileless Malware Detection

Fileless malware is a growing threat in resent years. It does not rely on files and leaves no footprint, making it challenging to detect and remove. By having a multi-layered protection, WiseVector StopX can scale up and cascade appropriate actions where and when they are called for.

Stealer Malware Detection

Stealer malware is designed to harvest a variety of data on the PC. They usually minimize their behavior to decrease the chance of detection by AV. Based on their characteristics, we have added multiple models to memory protection and behavioral analysis to detect them.

Streaming Updates

With automatic updates in seconds, WiseVector StopX works more efficiently than signature based traditional security products which has to be updated continuously. When malware just appear in the wild, they can be discovered and stopped by WiseVector StopX immediately.

Extremely Lightweight

Installation is quick and simple. WiseVector StopX works silently in the background until needed. It can respond to threats in no time without disruption. No feature bloat, no privacy stealing, no more popups, no advertisements. It is extremely lightweight.

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